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Management with branded content posting for 30 days.
Content Creation: Yes
Designing Photos: Yes
Full-Time Engagement: : Yes
Schedule Posts:: Yes
Page/Channel Evaluation: Yes
Action Plan:: Yes
Management Duration (days): 30
Delivery Time:: 29 days

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SKYPE: live:ranjeet.kumar_25
EMAIL: [email protected]


We Will Be Your Professional Social Media Manager

We help businesses generate ROI (Return On Investment) using social media in a creative, effective & most cost-efficient way.

You will get.

Content posting: Custom branded content posting (All platforms supported)

Market research: I will research your target market to find best opportunities for your business.

Content Creation: Custom Created and curated content. (Branded images, quotes, mockups & videos)

Content writing: Informative posts to help your target market make informed buying decisions in favor of your business.

Stock Photos: Stock Photos & premium graphics designs, no extra cast.

Unbeatable service: No extra charges for stock photos & Instagram growth, marketing

Facebook Ads: Facebook ads management to drive results at minimum cost.

Please feel free to contact our support team .

SKYPE: live:ranjeet.kumar_25
EMAIL: [email protected]


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