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Standard Package

Description: I will design a survey of around 11 to 20 questions.

Question Flow Design: Yes

Custom Branding: Yes

Question Writing: Yes

Advanced Survey Logic: No

Number of Questions: 20

Delivery Time: 4Days

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SKYPE: live:ranjeet.kumar_25
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We design surveys and questionnaires for a wide range of purposes: to gauge customer satisfaction, explore a new topic, conduct academic research, or just to satisfy a curiosity.
We can create your survey in a Word or PDF document, or upload it to any online survey platform that you have an account with.
If you would like your survey in both paper and online format, there is an extra charge.

We also offer analysis of the survey data in a companion Package.

We have several years of experience crafting survey questions, designing survey layouts, launching surveys and collecting the data, and analyzing and summarizing the survey results.
We are dedicated to creating useful surveys that collect valuable data and require minimal time and effort to complete.

If you are looking for a survey designed to get predetermined results, my services are not right for you.
We are committed to following ethical research guidelines and I will not create a survey intended to produce specific findings (i.e., a survey with biased or leading questions).

However, if you are looking for honest and useful feedback, my services are for you!

Platform: –
Survey Platform
Survey Monkey

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Do you provide online or paper surveys?
We can provide either type of survey. If you are looking for a paper survey, we can provide your survey in a Microsoft Word or PDF document. If you are looking for an online survey, we can create your survey in any online survey platform, but you must have an account.

What if I’m not sure what size my survey needs to be?
We are happy to help you figure that out! Please contact us and we can discuss your survey needs before starting the order.

Can I pay you to take my survey?
We get this question fairly often, and the answer is no. However, there are many, many sellers who would be happy to take your survey! I suggest searching for an appropriate package or using another forum to attract respondents.

What online survey platforms can you develop my survey in?
We have experience using Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Typeform, QuestionPro, and Google Forms, but I’m happy to learn any other survey platform that you have an account with!

Please feel free to contact our support team .

SKYPE: live:ranjeet.kumar_25
EMAIL: [email protected]


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