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I’m Ranjeet Kumar (Certified Digital Marketing Consultant)

For more than 3 years, I help entrepreneurs build a bridge between them and the online world, help them sell their products and services, and advise businesses on how best to reach their customers.


Skills & Endorsements: –


-Online Marketing

-Customer Service


Industry Knowledge


I am an experienced WordPress Developer having valuable experience of 3 years. I have created hundreds of different websites like business websites, shop/woocommerce and others. I can create any type of website, tweak WordPress sites, fix errors and customize themes.


I will research and write an editorial style newspaper ads/Native ad for your products and services. Ideal for Affiliate Marketers who use native ad networks like Revcontent, content.ad, Taboola, etc


If you are here now, sure you are looking for a professional Social Media Manager! Why you will need to continually grow your SM presence: 1- The number of active social media users worldwide is 2.78 billion, out of the world’s population of 7.47 billion. (we are social) 2- More than 2 million advertisers regularly use Facebook marketing to market their business. 3- 85% of people rely on Twitter and Facebook for their morning news.


E-mail Marketing, with over a decade experience.I believe in high quality results and I do my best for each client to deliver the work with complete satisfaction.

buddies recommending me

Ranjeet did an excellent job, and I will be very grateful from the bottom of my heart !! This website is my dream and it is finally a reality! exactly as I loved. by your great dedication and make all the requested modifications, always at once.
Margaret Hersh
great to work with. he knows what he is doing. and dose great work and we will work with him again.
Bradley Morris